Multi-Level Dialogue organised by the Committee of the Regions - English

Common session


09:30 Welcome 

Juan ESPADAS CEJAS (ES/PES), Chair of the CoR Working Group "Green Deal Going Local" and Mayor of Sevilla

09:45 – 11:15 Multi-Level Dialogue: Coordinating the just transition across all levels of government – challenges and opportunities for the territorial just transition plans? 

Moderator: Juan ESPADAS CEJAS, CoR (ES/PES)


- Peter BALIK, DG innovation, strategic investments and analyses, Slovakia


- Normunds POPENS, Deputy Director General DG REGIO, European Commision

- Jakub CHEŁSTOWSKI, CoR (PL/ECR) Regional President of Silesia 

- Florin-Tiberiu IACOB-RIDZI (RO/RenewE) Mayor of Petrosani

- Anna HETMAN, Mayor of Jastrzebie-Zdroj, PL, Forum of Mayors on Just Transition

Representatives from all levels of government will discuss the elaboration of the territorial just transition plans and their involvement in the process.  In addition, representatives of local and regional authorities will join the panel with online contributions from all around the EU.

11:15 - 11:30 – Break 

11:30 – 12:15 Thematic exchange on the preparation of the territorial just transition plans with accent on bio-based industries 

Moderator: Thomas WOBBEN Director for Legislative works, CoR

- Peter WEHRHEIM, DG Research, European Commission

- Javier VILA FERRERO, CoR (ES/PES) Legislative assembly of Asturias

- Klaus FREYTAG, Special representative of Land Brandenburg for Lausitz, Germany

- Giovanni de SANTI, Director for Sustainable Resources, JRC, European Commission 

- Michał BIEDA – Deputy mayor of Bytom, PL, Forum of Mayors on Just Transition

- Caroline DWANE STANLEY, CoR (IE/Greens), Laois County Council

The session will look into the possibilities for coal and energy intensive regions for just transition. It will include a thematic exchange on the preparation of the territorial just transition plans with accent on bio-based industries. Representatives from the cities and regions will deliver direct feedback, sharing experiences and best practices related to projects and funding opportunities

12:15 – 12:30 Conclusions: 

Vojko OBERSNEL, CoR (HR/PES), Mayor of Rijeka 

Jácint HORVÁTH, CoR (HU/PES), Nagykanizsa 

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